Bad with names?

"Remembering the names you don't want to forget!"

FREE version also available for Android only. Get it by clicking HERE.

Are you bad at remembering names?

So am I... That's why I created NameMe+! It's a simple application that makes it easy to keep track of the names you want to remember.

NameMe+ works by letting you type a name, a general description about the individual, and create a custom avatar that looks like them. You can also put the name into one of your own custom categories.

No more playing games to try and get a person to say their name again, or having to constantly rely on your significant other to remember everyone's name (Or maybe that's just me..)

NameMe+ is perfect for teachers who can't remember the names of their students, Business Professionals who can't remember the names of their clients and just about everyone else who has trouble remembering names!

Created and Developed by Ian Martin
Most images/icons by Scott Martin

Logo icon and avatar icons inspried by PixelMixer
Tiny icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane